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[sticky post]Permanent Sales Page

For those interested, my collection page has moved and is now here:

Tsui's Collection

I am re-doing my sales page. If you saw something here previously, I probably still have it for sale. Just message me to ask. Otherwise I will be putting stuff up very slowly.

Since I don't have enough space to upload photos on LJ, the item pictures will be here:   SALES PHOTOS
But the price list will be here on this post at the bottom.

A lot of the pictures are just going to be from my collection and is not the exact item. I will let you know which ones are. If you want to see the exact item, you will have to message me to take a picture.

If you are concerned about tag condition, always ask me. I try to mention the really noticeable things, but I do sometimes miss mentioning something.


I do ship from the USA.
My feedback is here: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/tsuiling/

Quick rules:

1. I do ship worldwide.
2. If you are outside the USA, shipping is expensive, especially with large items. If the item is very expensive, I will require tracking to protect us both. If it is a cheaper item and you do not want tracking, I cannot be held responsible if it gets lost, I can send you pictures/copies of the customs forms to prove I mailed the item.
3. I only accept Paypal for payment in USD.
4. The prices do not include shipping or Paypal fees.  The Paypal fee is added after the cost of the item and the shipping price is calculated.
5. I do recycle clean packaging to save money. If I need to buy a box or bag to ship your item, I will let you know and include it in the cost (but I doubt this will happen). If you do not want me to recycle packaging, let me know, and I will go out and buy a new bubble mailer or whatever is needed to mail your item.
6. Trades -- I would not mind trading if it is something that I really need. But in all honesty, there isn't much I need anymore.
7. Offers -- I will accept them if they are reasonable. Please do not waste my time or yours with lowball offers.
8. Pricing -- If you want to know how I come to my numbers, I look at item condition, how much I see them on sites (like Ebay), and rarity. I think most of you guys know how hard it is sometimes to figure out pricing on things. However, some things might be higher than others, the reason is probably because it is coming out of my personal collection, so it won't matter to me if it sells or not.
9. I do have dogs but they do not get anywhere near my Pokemon items. But I might have fur on me sometimes when I pack items.

Price list below:


Ditto Transform Gashapon v. 1 Pikachu -- $18.00
Ditto Transform Gashapon v. 2 Bulbasaur -- $15.00

Ditto Transform Gashapon v. 2 Poliwag -- $15.00

Ditto Transform Gashapon v. 2 Full Set -- $65.00
Ditto Transform Gashapon v. 2 Pichu -- $18.00
Ditto Transform Gashapon v. 2 Raichu -- $18.00
Ditto Transform Gashapon v. 2 Vulpix -- $15.00

Ditto Transform Gashapon v. 6 Alola Vulpix -- $18.00
Ditto Transform Gashapon v. 6 Whimsicott -- $15.00
Ditto Transform Gashapon v. 6 Electrode -- $15.00

Tokyo DX Gashapon Sakura Pikachu -- $17.00
Tokyo DX Gashapon Kabuki PIkachu -- $17.00
Tokyo DX Gashapon Firefighter Pikachu -- $18.00

Oteire Please Alola Vulpix -- $18.00
Oteire Please Shroomish -- $15.00
Oteire Please Whimsicott -- $15.00

Secret Teams Maxie -- $15.00
Secret Teams Cyrus -- $15.00
Secret Teams Ghetsis -- $15.00


Little Tales 1 Pikachu Plush -- $100.00
Little Tales 1 Pikachu Small Mascot Plush -- $100.00

Halloween 2018 Japanese Mimikyu Plush -- $33.00
Halloween 2018 Japanese Ampharos Plush -- $55.00
Halloween 2018 Japanese Gengar Plush -- $38.00
Halloween 2018 Japanese Sylveon Plush -- $45.00
Halloween 2018 Japanese Pumpkaboo Plush -- $65.00

Christmas 2018 Bulbasaur Small Mascot Plush -- $43.00
Christmas 2018 Charmander Small Mascot Plush -- $43.00
Christmas 2018 Squirtle Small Mascot Plush -- $43.00

Yokohama Exclusive Male Pikachu Plush -- $39.00

Repeat Ball Plush -- $29.00

Alola Vulpix Tropical Sweets Keychain Plush -- $19.00
Jolteon Ditto Transform Plush -- 24.00

Rowlet Small Keychain Plush -- $22.00
Litten Plush -- $29.00

Pokemon Time Popplio Small Keychain Plush -- $27.00
Pokemon Time Litten Small Keychain Plush -- $27.00

Let's Go Pikachu Patrol Plush -- $29.00
Let's Go Eevee Researcher Plush -- $28.00


Ultra Beast Charm? Blind Box -- $12.00
Trainer?Gym leader Blind Pin Pack -- $10.00
Victini Glimmis -- $25.00


Eevee Mofu Mofu Paradies Pouch (I think its some type of cosmetic pouch) -- $32.00

Stationary Goods

Eevee Poncho Leafeon Clearfile -- $15.00
Espeon Pokemon Dolls Clearfile -- $15.00
Alola Vulpix Pokemon Time Clearfile -- $15.00


Cynthia, Caitlin Sazanami Town T Shirt (Size: Medium ) -- $53.00
Eevee T Shirt (Size: Medium) -- $53.00
Pokemon Graphix Koffing, Weezing, Mewtwo T Shirt (Size: Medium) -- $72.00
Pokemon Graphix New Era Gengar T Shirt (Size: Medium) -- $78.00
Pokemon Graphix New Era Lucario T Shirt (Size: Large) -- $78.00
Colorful Eevee Hat -- $65.00
Colorful Eevee Vaporeon Hoodie (Size: Medium) -- $89.00
Colorful Eevee Espeon Hoodie (Size: Medium) -- $89.00
Coroful Eevee Leafeon Hoodie (Size: Medium) -- $89.00
Colorful Eevee Glaceon Hoodie (Size: Medium) -- $89.00